What to Expect

We strive to make you feel like you belong. You'll be greeted with a warm handshake and a smile. When we gather, we do so to celebrate, learn and grow. We celebrate Jesus through songs, with modern feel, and sharing in communion. We learn by interacting with the Bible in class settings and through listening to a message. We grow by acting on the truth we know by engaging our community and world through community projects & joining international mission work. LCC is a mix of young and old, experienced and new to their faith. We also cover the whole spectrum when it comes to how we're comfortable at church. So whether you're a farmer or a State Farmer, you can expect to see some in jeans and t-shirts and some in a tie. LCC offers options for your kids too. We have a nursery staffed for all Sunday morning services, engaging programming for kids pre K-6th grade during our 10:30 am service, as well as at our Wednesday ministries. During the school year, you can join us on Wednesday nights for a family dinner at 5:45 pm before our 6:30 pm evening ministries. 

In all these things, you can expect to feel at home, like your kids are safe and that you can be a part of something great.