community mercy ministry

The purpose of CMM is to extend compassion & assistance

to persons in need in the name of Jesus Christ

on behalf of the churches of the community.

Any person in need, whether resident or transient is eligible to receive assistance.

(Residents must have a LeRoy address).

Assistance provided by CMM is intended for on-time use per household.

It's purpose is a stop-gap measure to help get people back up on their own feet.

Procedure for Residents:

Any person in need may contact any of the local churches

for assistance.

Person must fill out a "Request for Assistance" form through

visiting one of the church offices.

(request must be accompanied by vendor bill/invoice)

More information will be shared at that time as the

procedure unfolds.

Procedure for Transients:

Person in need is referred to LeRoy Police Department.

A background check will be ran by the police.

The police department is authorized to use discretion re: aid.

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